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Fan Photos
Entertaining the students at Carroll Middle School during the 1960's week.  Thanks to Sammy Guinn for inviting us!!
From  their recent vacation  Dan Cory, Mike Littlejohn, and Mike Good with Doug Metzger, owner of Willowcreek Winery in Silver Creek New York.  Click this link> and visit Willowfest....a rock and roll festival we just happened to be fortunate enough to experience.  Sometimes the best times just happen.  Thanks Doug!
Choice at the Summer Kickoff Concert-DeKalb County Outdoor Theater June 2010 along with our horn section featuring Eric Melchi and Mark Kays...and our backup singers the "The Selections"featuring Pam Good, Carol Foley & Danielle Cory. Great job guys!

Photo Gallery

Here are some pictures from some of our shows and events.
Check them out...you might even see yourself 
or someone you know!

We would like to thank 
Rod Walker from 
"The Studio on Main Street" 
for always providing such 
great photos from 
our shows!

2013 St. Martin's Healthcare Fundraiser.  L. J. dressed up like 1980's Country Music personality "Sylvia" and performed her hit song "Nobody" for crowd of adoring fans.  Great night for a great cause!
Pictures from our show at the Chain 'O Lakes Festival in Albion, Indiana.  The lovely cheerleader in the photos is Gran Roberts from Auctions America.  Gran was chosen to perform with band as "Gloria" in our skit, featuring the song made popular in the 1960's.  Our "cheerleader" is getting the crowd all fired up.
Pictures from the 2014 United Way Fundraising Campaign Kickoff Concert.  
Crowd shot from our show at Hamilton Indiana Summer Festival 2014.