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Choice evolved like most bands from bits and pieces of other groups.  The members of Choice came from other bands that had made names locally for themselves or were traveling road bands.  It’s a wonder when the members of Choice finally got together that they didn’t call themselves Hines 57 and the Tomato Heads.  As you can tell by looking into the bios of the individual members, each came from a wide variety of musical backgrounds.   Together they ended up being what we know today as Choice. 
The name Choice came a little later in history for the guys.  Dan Cory had met Dan Guinn in Ft Wayne in 1974.  For the sake of sanity lets call Dan Guinn “Rock”, which became his nickname in the band.   Nicknames became necessary because the band consisted of only Mikes' and Dan's',  and confusion came into play soon, so we will attach the nick names to the characters in this story as we go along. So Rock met Dan Cory.  They called Dan Cory “Disco” not because he liked disco but for other reasons, which won't be discussed.
Rock and Disco were just coming off other gigs and thru a common friend united 
and started to play around the Ft. Wayne area.  The band was a 7 piece brass band and played out a number of times.  The band was short lived but did solidify the friendship between the two Dan’s.  Both were guitar players so Disco switched to bass.  The band booked a few jobs and needed a name to give to the venues.  It was difficult choosing a band name.  I think you see where this is going.  It was a difficult "Choice”, get it. 
As stated earlier this first concept of the band was short lived.  Things were changing in both Dan’s lives.  Rock, who was from Auburn, Indiana invited Disco on a couple of occasions to come to Auburn.  Also at that time Rock had been playing with a local Auburn band called “Addison Burk”.  Addison Burk was three piece with a lead singer who’s name was Mike Penland.   We will refer to Mike as “Moose”, which is also necessary for us to keep sanity thru the course of this story.   Ok, so now we have Rock, Disco and Moose in a band together.   At that time in history, the group was playing with a drummer, also from Addison Burk by the name of, you guessed it, Mike. Mike Carnahan had other ambitions and after playing a short time with the Rock, Disco, and Moose trio, left in the year 1978.   By now the notoriety of the band was growing locally and through the Tri State area.  Jobs had been booked.  They needed a drummer. 
 Through acquaintances at the local High School, they heard of a young kid that was said to be quite a drummer.  He tended to be a little radical in the marching band but never the less Disco, Rock, and Moose asked him to play a garage party.  By the way, it was at the house of the Principal of the High School where this new young drummer went to school.  His name was, you guessed it, Mike.   Mike Good.   Now do you understand the need for nick names?  Mike Good, for reasons unable to print was nicknamed “Magic”. 
Magic, although young, fit with the band, musically matching the talents of the other three.   There was only one problem, how do you get an under aged drummer into night clubs.  What you do is keep him hidden behind the drums as much as possible.   The band, Rock, Disco, Moose (now playing keyboards), and Magic, were playing out more and more, migrating to the north and west more than south.   The band was playing all around the Angola area and north at clubs such as a Skips, The Heidelberg, the Anchor Inn, Sunset Inn, and the Matteson House in Michigan.   Once again the name for the band was a problem.  The name they had been using was somewhat questionable.  The name “Appaloosa Sh.t Kickers” made it difficult for some venues to advertise.   Here we go again.  It’s difficult to choose a band name. “Choice” was resurrected and has remained for the last 30 years.
Choice has continued to play classic rock and roll thru the years.  They have been four piece through most of it.   However, there have been others that have contributed to the success and personality of the band.  Mike Carnahan, first drummer who played on the road with Disco.  Jim Markiton, keyboard and vocals.   Once Jim was advertised as “The KEG BARREL” player for Choice.  Stevie “B” Butler, keyboards vocals and horn player.  Steve could have been the next Doc Severenson but instead is now Dr. S. Butler, Oral Surgeon.   John Day, drummer, percussionist, and vocals, still playing in Northern Indiana.   All of these musicians are considered to be brothers of the band and welcome to sit in any time. 
  Sometimes it’s necessary to do something different to stimulate the enthusiasm. Choice has had the opportunity, on number occasions, to play with the band Roughshod.  Roughshod a well known country band had a bass player by the name of, can you guess? Mike.  Mike Littlejohn nicknamed LJ.    LJ has been a personal friend and band friend for years.   LJ, an accomplished bass player was not playing with any group, when asked to join in early 2008.   It was automatic for Mike to join the band. The addition of LJ gives Dan (Disco) the opportunity to once again play guitar.  The new addition has brought life back to band.
Classic Rock and Roll?  These guys played it before it was classic.  They lived the songs through the years and continue to play to their fans as passionately as they did in the 70’s.
The only thing you need to remember is don’t just ask for Dan or Mike. All five heads will turn.  Now that’s a neat name for a band “The Michael Dan Band”.  But that’s another story for a later time.

1974 Choice's earliest incarnation in Ft. Wayne Indiana.  Dan Cory (Head turned) looking at Dan Guinn
1997 Choice after performing with Hall of Fame inductee John Fogerty of Credence Clearwater Revival in South Bend Indiana.
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1977 Dan Guinn, Mike Penland, Mike Good, and Dan Cory