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Late Seventies
Dan Guinn
Lead Guitar,
     On a hot summer’s day in 1952, Roy Guinn was fishing in Auburn’s Cedar Creek, when he noticed a guitar case floating downstream. Upon hhauling the case ashore and opening it, Roy found a little boy with a guitar pick in his mouth and clothed only in a “G” string! Not knowing what to name the little one, Roy flipped a coin and christened him “Dan” (the other side of the coin was “Mike”).
     Early childhood found Dan captivated by the rock & roll performers on the Ed Sullivan show. Dan was given his first guitar by mom and dad for Christmas in 1960, a Sears and Roebuck Silvertone Acoustic.  Dan immediately started taking guitar lessons from a little old lady in Auburn. Every spare moment of Dan’s early childhood was spent listening to and learning rock & roll riffs and licks. At age 12, Dan bought his first electric guitar. Mom and dad quickly built a room onto the garage to accommodate the “wall” of amplifiers and also to preserve their sanity!
     Dan’s teen years were spent with other aspiring Auburn musicians performing at local clubs and the occasional pizza parlor. Dan teamed up with Mike Penland in the early seventies and formed a band called Addison Burke; Dan’s musical career blossomed.
During a much needed break from “clubbing” in 1974, Dan received a phone call from Dan Cory who was in need of another guitar player for a band he was forming in Ft. Wayne. After a while, the 2 Dan’s moved their musical ambitions to Auburn and teamed up again with Mike Penland where they laid the roots of the band “Choice”. Many early followers of Choice will undoubtedly remember the infamous “RANCH” on State Rd 8!  Dan attributes the thirty year legacy of Choice entirely to the friends who continue to show up to party with the band. 
     Dan resides in Ft. Wayne with his wife Sally, and 2 young aspiring musicians Samantha and Charlie.